Who We Are

Enterprising human resources and organizational development (OD) professional with multi-industry experience in transformational change initiatives, action learning leadership development, presentation and communications, human resource practices, training and development, continuous improvement, and custom intervention design for teams, leaders, and organizations. Expertise includes the ability to assess, develop, and implement long-term strategies and associated interventions to help build organizational culture and drive improvement. Proven training, education, and development expertise and ability to communicate effectively across all levels of the organization. Key competencies include:


-      Leadership Development/Talent Management

-      Business Process Analysis and Improvement

-      Corporate and Employee Communications

-      OD Process Consultation and Facilitation

-      Team Building, Coaching, Change Mgmt

-      Human Resources Administration

-      Succession Planning, Pay for Performance

-      Needs Assessment and Program Design


We deliver precise strategic thinking and business planning that offer insight and solutions for areas of improvement within the workplace. The main core of our strategy is achieving targeted and lasting results.